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Dr John Gray
(Author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus)
“I have been using Tony's music in my relaxation and guidance classes for many years and I have always found that it helps set the perfect atmosphere. Tony's music has the rare ability to actually help listeners relax and feel safe and calm. Excellent!”

Dr John Pirie
“Tony’s music helps promote a balance and healing in the body’s energetic system. His exquisite recordings are used in my clinic every day and help my patients enter a calm and receptive state. Brilliant work Tony, keep it up!”

Peter Kelley
(Yoga Association)
“There is a rare quality in Tony’s music - something that seems to touch listeners of all ages. Many people tell me it’s like the music has been created especially just for them. I personally find it ideal for gentle movement and exercise. Well done Tony - and do keep your wonderful melodies coming!”

Mette Sorensen
(Institute of Bodywork and Personal Development)
“I have used and loved Tony’s music since coming to Australia. I use his CDs during massage, during consultations and during guided meditations. It is music for any mood, at any time, for any age.”

Brendon O’Rourke
(Kahuna Massage Therapist)
“Tony’s music sooths and calms and sets a wonderfully relaxing mood in my massage room. Most of all I know that it supports both myself and my clients on many levels. I heartily recommend Tony’s CDs to anyone involved in any form of health care.”

Dr Jane Raynor
“Tony obviously has an intimate understanding of how music and sound are able to affect us. Not only is his music a delight to the ears - my tests have shown that it indeed assists in lowering blood pressure and helps to maintain a balance in the nervous system. A brilliant tool for anyone involved in stress-management.”


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