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Tony O'Connor Studio

My studios are situated on a 42 acre rainforest property called "Hidden Forest", on the Blackall Range, in Queensland. Hidden Forest backs onto Kondallila Falls National Park.

The recording and editing rooms are on the bottom floor of our home, which is set above the trees. It is the most peaceful, tranquil setting, and perfect for inspiring creativity.

Rainforest birdsongs fill the winter a magical mist floods through the forest and surrounds the house. At night, the sounds are amazing......owls echo across the gorge, crickets and frogs lull us to sleep every evening. Kangaroos regularly drop by near the balcony in the mornings.....dingoes sneak about some nights. The forest is alive with beautiful creatures, birds of the most stunning colours.....and, er, yes.....several pythons call our back yard their home.

Hmmm... strange place for a recording studio you think?

Well, like I said, it is a most inspiring place to live and work. I have built the studio rooms in such a way that it can be open most of the time (large glass windows and doors) - because when I am writing, I do not require sound proofing - and I much prefer to be breathing fresh mountain air as much as possible.
When I do begin actual recording, the doors and windows close and seal very well, creating a silent studio environment.

The main production room, where I do all my recording and mastering, is approx 8metres x 6metres. Not overly large, but ideal for the way I work. A door leads into a larger editing suite, housing my video and graphic systems. So I have no separate "recording booth", everything is done in the production room. If a project demands more than this, I can easily utilise a major recording facility in the nearest city Brisbane, which is about a 90 minutes drive away.


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