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Tony O'Connor's first album "Journey" was released in 1987, under the banner of "Creative Relaxation Music". Tony had been working with psychologists and masseurs, creating music that was specifically produced to enduce a relaxed and calm response from the listener. Feedback from therapists provided Tony with invaluable information about sound, melody and how music could have a positive affect on the listener. The end result was very effective and Journey quickly became popular and sought after by a diverse range of professional therapists and natural health care specialists throughout Australia.By 1990 Tony had created and released two more albums. To his surprise these albums were also discovered by a very dedicated, mainstream audience across the country. Beyond the effect of enchancing relaxation, listeners had connected with the very special melodies and instrumentation that would soon become Tony's signature sound.

Demand for his albums grew rapidly, albeit unnexpectedly and, unable to attract interest from major music companies, Tony and his wife Jacqui set up their own music label Studio Horizon. Soon they were distributing to new age shops, booksstores, art galleries and other retail outlets - as well as to relaxation centres, schools, hospitals and health care retreats.

By 1991 Tony had composed and produced Mariner, the album that would see him become nearly a house-hold name in his home country and the album that would begin attracting an international audience for the maestro. After a special feature on "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise", an Australian television program, Mariner achieved Gold Album status within a few weeks - one of the first independent albums to achieve such sales in such a short time. To date Mariner has sold over 1.5 million copies.

From 1992 - 1997 Tony worked with Australian nature photographer Steve Parish. The two artists collaborated, combining an innovative mix of music and photographic images (detailed CD booklets, coffee table books etc), set to particular nature themes : Uluru, Kakadu, Rainforest Magic, Wilderness and Windjana - Spirit of the Kimberley. These albums were ennormously popular and continue to sell in numbers unprecedented by any Australian independent artist - each title reaching Double Platinum sales within a few months of release. Tony's CDs were sold by over 3000 retailers across the country.

The maestro continues to release a new title each year, and also scores for television documentaries. His sell-out national concert tour in 1998 proved him to be a consumate performer. The climax of that tour was set at the Sydney Opera House and was videotaped by the ABC. Still an independant artist, and probably one of Australia's most popular and cherished composers of instrumental music, Tony continues to develop his musical work in stress management and well being.

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