Recording Artists/Music  
Medwyn Goodall Fellow creator of music, from the UK
Fiona Hawkins Beautiful pianist from Australia
SpiritWinds Makers of my wooden flutes
Mark Spivey Peaceful instrumental music from Australia
Ian Cameron Smith Australian composer/guitarist
Patrick Wilson Music, sound and art....and a cool site from the UK
Studio Horizon Tony's publisher
Wind and Wire Great reviews of all types of music.
Aussie Artist Sites  
Pygmy Possum Australian made products
Brett Campbell Mosaics Discover a colourful, magical world of art
Simon McClean Pop in on Simon's wonderful characters....a great artist!
Music Equipment etc  
MusicLab Suppliers and superb installation of most of my gear
Korg Makers of the best synths
Apple Australia Apple Mac site in Oz
Health and Lifestyle sites  
Nutrition Degree When you study with the Global College of Natural Medicine
for a nutrition degree your career options expand while you become healthier.
Useful Links