Selection Guide

Choose from the selections below, and we will present you with suggested album titles.

I am looking for music to play in my office/home - while studying, reading, working, even while driving. I'd like the music to be relaxing, yet moving as well.
I am looking for music to help me relax, to help me sleep, to meditate or practice Yoga/Tai Chi with. Gentle, quieting and restful.
5 Nature relaxes and inspires me - I'd like an album that features gentle nature sounds as well.
4 I am looking for music to help stir my creativity and inspire me. Something adventurous.
3 I'd like something a little more contemporary - richer production, lots of instruments, slightly orchestral.
2 I am looking for music suitable for pre-natal exercises, during labour, when baby is born.
1 I am a masseur/therapist, and I like to play music for my patients.



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