The Zodiac Collection

Every musical piece on each album in this collection was chosen or written to suit the particular Astrological sign - and listeners have written saying that their chosen album/sign indeed suits them perfectly. The music, in typical Tony O'Connor style, helps create a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere.

The CD artwork is particularly beautiful too, making these albums ideal as gifts for someone special, anytime of the year.

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Aquarians are independent people - private, logical and without undue emotion. Aquarians will love this unique album, specially produced to delight their optimistic and unconventional nature.


Determined, impulsive and wilful Arian's will welcome this album for their quiet moments between ambitious achievements. Aries was created to help refresh the energies of these fiery souls.


The "doers" of our world. The Cancerian will instinctively connect to these emotionally charged tracks, sensing the invitation to explore the senses and return to perfect calm.


Capricorns are often prudent, methodical and hard working. Yet their inability to relax can void these positive qualities for success. Let these magical tracks help release the freedom to fly.


The need to communicate on all levels is quintessential to the Gemini spirit, and they do so with an eloquent and imaginative style. Geminis will be moved by the inspirational tracks on this recording.


Creative and enthusiastic, the warm Leo is confident and always eager to impress, with an infectious vitality. When control starts to dwindle however, this music will help to return a sense of balance.


Balanced, harmonious and easy going, Librans find no difficulty in being diplomatic, romantic and charming. The magical music here depicts the essence of Libra - balance and belonging.

** Unfortunately this collection is no longer available.


Poet of the Zodiac, in touch with the Gods, Pisceans are not of this world. Their world is ideal and perfect and facing reality can often seem a struggle. This haunting music reveals the depth of the Piscean soul, bringing a balance and calm.


Always seeking a challenge, Sagittarians are risk takers. For their potential to be realized they must slow down, sit back... look around. The melodies here offer that calming experience.



With their remarkable reserve of energy, Scorpians are determined and passionate, with a perpetual need to release emotions. This album offers a way to express their intense nature, allowing peace and tranquility.


Gentle, warm hearted, the Taurean is naturally lured by all things noble and beautiful. The tracks on this album are passionately composed and will be favourites with these discerning souls.



When flow is disrupted in the usually refined and ordered lives of Virgos, solace must be sought to calm these agitated souls. These peaceful tracks will help diffuse that abundant energy returning to inner calm.


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