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Highly Recommended! The haunting, mystical sound of the Native American flute. Have a listen to the demo (above) - I just love this instrument! This album is like a Zen Garden - bringing a peace and serenity that only this remarkable instrument can provide. A few of the tracks are flute solos, others have a gentle acoustic guitar backdrop - and just a touch of percussion in places. I play my flutes as a daily meditation - indeed, this is how Windseeker was recorded. I didn't really plan it - I simply recorded while I was entranced by the sound and vibration that the flutes produce.

For me, this is one of the most enchanting albums that I have produced to date.
1. Dawn
2. Kondallila
3. The One Tree
4. Old Paths, New Ways
5. Meditation
6. Windseeker
7. Forest Call
8. Homeward

Tony O'Connor's latest release in his magnificent Music for Relaxation range of albums, Windseeker, is TOC at his very best. While fans have come to expect those lovely orchestral passages, indicative of the maestro, this new title veers a little from that. On Windseeker, we are blessed with some very beautiful solo flute tracks... simply dripping with emotion and calm. TOC still adds his fine guitar work, and there is a hint of percussion in some tracks. However if you are looking for an album to bring a complete sense of peace into your home, I can heartily recommend this sensational recording. Five stars!

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