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Windjana - Spirit of the Kimberley
Platinum Album Award!
Another of my personal favourites and a very popular title. In fact I think this album is the best in my Australiana collection.

After visiting the incredible Kimberleys, I couldn't help but be inspired to write something epic. As well as dramatic orchestral movements, I introduced a lot of acoustic guitar and flutes, trying to capture that vastness and strength. I think this album has some of my best arrangements, and many listeners have said this too. Windjana is a tribute to one of the Earth's last untouched wilderness areas.

1. Skylands
2. Afterstorm
3. Spirit of Windjana
4. Wisdom Keepers
5. The Gathering
6. Leaving

Review - Tony O'Connor
Windjana, Spirit of the Kimberley, is a masterful work. Prepare to journey through an album that is akin to a movie soundtrack - and be taken away to a magical and inspirational world. Well done Mr O'Connor - you simply are the best!

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