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For lovers of the sea.
This is a very popular title and the perfect album for setting a relaxing mood, as the gentle sounds of ocean waves float behind the melodies. The main track, Whispring Sea, is one of my personal favourites and one that I usually perform at concerts.

1. Whispering Sea
2. Cool Waters
3. Sunrise
4. New Discoveries
5. Seashore Sunrise
6. Sunset Together
7. Wandering

by Wind and Wire
Tony O'Connor is one of the real masters of music for relaxation. His recordings are like sonic canvases on which soft and comforting music is painted. That may sound like hyperbole or dross, but I assure you, it's neither. And if you are a fan of Tony's superb album Mariner, then this new one is perfect for you...

Whispering Sea is a warm and melodic voyage into dreamland. If this isn't ideal massage music, I don't know what is. The discrete use of nature sounds (the nature of which should be obvious from the CD's title) add to the ambiance of the CD. The instrumentation consists of keyboards, flutes, acoustic guitar, and wind instruments. The songs flow easily, one from the other, yet can be quite dissimilar. The opener, "Whispering Sea," uses gently swelling synths, woodwinds, and synth bell-like tones to create a peaceful rocking piece.
"Cool Water" is more reflective, anchored by piano that is plaintive but never really sad. "Sunrise" is dramatic without being the least bit bombastic. And so it goes on with four more songs.

This music is a stroll down a beach at sunset, an afternoon in the sun watching the waves roll in, or simply laying on the sand watching the night stars blink on. But, however you describe it, it's bliss. Meticulously recorded, filled with great melodies and catchy rhythms, and so damn sincere that you can't help but be spellbound.

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