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Uluru by Tony O'Connor

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Uluru 4 x Platinum Award! The mysterious Red Centre, comes alive here on one of Tony's most popular albums, Uluru. Experience the magnificence of ancient, endless landscapes with didgeridoo, gentle rhythm and a world of magical sounds. A journey you will always remember.

1. Freedom
2. Valley of Winds
3. Mutitjula
4. Dune
5. Above with Eagles
6. Desert Oak
7. Touching Sky
8. Uluru

Still one of Tony O'Connor's most popular CDs, this album is a must for anyone who has visited Uluru - it will bring the magic and atmosphere into your home. I sense a "spiritual" feel to this title, as if Tony was touched by the ancient mystery and wonder of this amazing area. The melodies are gorgeous and I think Uluru features some of Tony's best. Certainly five out of five!

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