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Tony O'Connor Memento CD

"Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take
but by the moments that take our breath away."

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Memento by Tony O'Connor



Each piece on this album holds strong and precious memories for me - places I’ve been to and have yet to return - special friends and those magical moments that never fade from thought - long ago days, watching the seasons change. Sitting on the beach at night, under a full moon. Conversations, unrealised dreams. All of these now appear most strongest in my mind and heart as melodies.

I hope you enjoy this little album of memories - my instrumental memoirs. Hopefully, even though they are my thoughts, the music might help rekindle a memory or two for you as well. Music is a universal language and it speaks to us on many vibrational levels.

Notes :
Betty’s Song was written for my mum when she passed away. Many listeners have requested a studio version of this track, as it has only appeared before on my live album.

Remembering You originally featured on Tales of the Wind and I have longed to re-perform it. I hope you enjoy the latest version, as for me it holds even more emotion now.

Tony O'Connor
March 2005

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