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Complete Calm CD




Complete Calm
**Unfortunately this album is no longer available on CD but is soon to be released on the iTunes store.

This new beautiful album is designed to lead you into a completely relaxed and peaceful state.
Featuring all new music from the maestro, each track features signature Tony O'Connor melodies and instrumentation, including harp, classical guitar, gorgeous piano ballads and that special warm orchestral flavour. Complete Calm is destined to be a favourite with fans all around the world.

1. Horizon Blue
2. Cascade
3. Lilypond
4. Quietudo
5. Somewhere
6. Perido a Tiempo (Lost in Time)
7. When We Sail Away
Total Duration: 53:52

"The best music you have ever written Tony!"
"Wow... I thought Mariner was my favourite, but Complete Calm has now stolen the award!"
"Classic Tony O'Connor magic. The melodies just take you away. I find myself playing Complete Calm over and over again. Well done Tony!"
"This latest CD is simply beautiful. I particularly enjoyed the song "When We Sail Away". This is great stuff, akin to the profilic Mariner era. Tony O'Connor is still the best!"
"Just when we thought you couldn't get any better, along comes Complete Calm. A treasure Tony. Some of the most haunting music I think you have ever produced."

Tony has also filmed beautiful images of Australian natural landscapes. For the complete relaxation experience, take a look at Complete Calm the DVD. Click here for more info.


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